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  • The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program periodically requests quotes and proposals from service contractors to manage program initiatives. In addition, rebates are offered throughout each budget year to help support small businesses and property owners thrive in the community.  See below for opportunities and check back frequently for updates.

    Submit a 'Interest in Responding' form: Interested in submitting a quote or proposal for an open RFQ or RFP?  Submit an 'Interest in Responding' form to notify the Neighborhood Improvement Program of your interest in receiving an RFQ or RFP when available.  Questions and/or a request for meeting can be made via the form.

    Submit a Quote, Proposal, or Application:  After reviewing the scope of services or requirements for an open request and/or application, submit the requested information electronically.

    Questions? Email info@lincolnsquare.org, ATTN: SSA Program Manager

  • Request For Quotes & Proposals

  • Audit Services

    No RFPs at this time.




  • Landscaping

    From various planter beds to sidewalk decorative planters, landscaping crews work throughout the year to enhance the pedestrian experience in the community.

    Learn More About Landscaping Services



  • PaintWorks - Public Art Program

    Public murals and other art related projects are funded throughout the year to improve the vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of the community.  PaintWorks uses both SSA funds, grants, and crowdfunded donations to implement this program.

    Learn More About the PaintWorks Program

    Application Open--Due April 5, 2024


  • Sidewalk Litter Abatement

    Crews provide litter removal service twice a week, with additional days of maintenance added during the busier months of the year.

    Learn More About Sidewalk Litter Abatement Services

    Application Currently Not Available


  • Street Pole Banner Installation

    With 77 community areas in Chicago, and countless neighborhoods, street pole banners help create an identification for an area.

    Learn More About The Banner Program

    RFP - Street Pole Banner Installation
    Issued by the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce


  • Applications

  • COVID Health & Sanitation Rebate

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous new requirements and costs for businesses. In an effort to address these costs, a Health & Sanitation Rebate has been implemented to assist qualifying businesses that are located within the SSA boundaries.

    Application Currently Not Available


  • Facade Improvement Rebate

    To help property owners invest in their spaces and make their facades more appealing, the SSA program offers rebates for a variety of facade improvements.

    Application Currently Not Available


  • Security Camera Rebate

    The Security Camera Rebate pilot program reimburses local property owners who install cameras facing the public way.

    Application Currently Not Available


  • Street Pole Banner Sponsorship

    Street pole banners along several of the SSA's corridors are provided in partnership between the Neighborhood Improvement Program, Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses. Sponsor a banner with your business logo today! 

    Application Currently Not Available


  • Snow Removal

    Maintaining clear sidewalks in the winter months is key to keeping our business district functioning. SSA 21 seeks to supplement snow removal already conducted by our businesses when a storm drops more than 2 inches of snow.

    Application Available
    (accepting submissions through Thursday, August 3, 2023, 5:00pm​)



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