• SSA 21 - Biking Infrastructure
  • Bike Infrastructure

  • Creating a community that is safe and easy to explore whether you are walking or biking is of the utmost importance to the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program.  Through advocacy, partnerships, and planning the Neighborhood Improvement Program is committed to promoting alternative modes of transportation that allow persons of all ages and abilities to traverse Lincoln Square.

  • Lincoln Square SSA Bike Rack

    Requesting a Bike Rack
    via Neighborhood Improvement Program

    Each year the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program allocates a portion of its budget to install bike racks throughout the defined service area.  You can request a location to be considered for the installation of a bike rack by submitting a form to the Program Manager of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Chicago Department of Transportation Bike Parking

    Requesting a Bike Rack
    via Chicago Department of Transportation

    The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) works hard to consistently serve bicyclists throughout the City by installing roughly 500 bike racks on city sidewalks each year.  You can help them locate the best places for these racks by placing a request where more bike parking is needed.  While they try to conduct field surveys as promptly as possible, the process can sometimes take several months.

  • Report Abandoned Bikes
    via Chicago Department of Transportation

    The CDOT Bike Parking Program removes abandoned bikes locked to city-owned racks and street furniture.  CDOT will tag bikes that appear to be abandoned and, if they are not claimed within seven days, remove them.

  • Leland Avenue Greenway

    The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is working with the 47th Ward Alderman's office to convert Leland Ave between the Chicago River and Clark St into a bike-friendly "greenway."  The greenway would create a low-stress bike path near three schools that could be used to safely community, visit local businesses, or just take a leisurely bike ride with family and friends.

  • What is a Neighborhood Greenway?

    Neighborhood Greenways are low-stress residential streets which provide safe and comfortable connection for people biking and walking.  Greenways often feature traffic calming elements to slow vehicle traffic, making the street safer for neighborhood residents and visitors, whether they are walking, biking, or driving.  Greenways also serve as an alternative to biking on busier arterial streets.  In 2018, CDOT installed 8 miles of new Neighborhood Greenways.  Chicago now features over 11 miles of Neighborhood Greenways.

    To learn more about the Leland Avenue project, click here.

  • Glenwood Greenway - Contraflow Bike Lane
  • Glenwood Greenway, Andersonville

  • Ravenswood Manor - Lawrence Avenue Pedestrian Refuge Island
  • Manor Greenway, Ravenswood Manor

  • School/Roscoe Greenways Raised Crosswalk
  • School/Roscoe Greenways, Lakeview



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